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  Founded in 1989, Panew Company Limited is a professional manufacturer absorbed in the application, designation and manufacturing of the high quality, Bellows , Expansion Joint, Pump Connector and Flexible Sprinkler Hose with Fittings. We always serve the best services and products to absorb the vibrations, movements, stresses, and deviation caused to the thermal expansion, earthquake, mechanical vibration....etc.
PANEW's products have been used broadly in clean-room factory, petroleum industries, power plants, incinerator plants, hospitals, commercial and base isolated buildings….etc. The designation, manufacturing, and quality control of the material and structure of the products are complied with the international standards, like EJMA, FSA, ASTM, JIS, DIN…etc. Panew Company Limited was awarded the ISO 9001 approval of its quality management system and got the FM / UL approval of the  
products one after another. Continually, we design and produce high quality
products which were approved by the famous approval company in the word.
Panew have the confidence to serve you the highest quality products for a safe,
convenient, efficient, and in time service.
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